MotionMind AI for Healthcare

MotionMind AI—a versatile, platform-independent computer vision solution—can improve medication adherence during clinical trials, boost the effectiveness of physical therapy, and reimagine elderly care.

How MotionMind AI advances healthcare

MotionMind AI’s robust human pose estimation and object detection capabilities make it the ideal solution for healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies with a diverse set of patient monitoring requirements.

Patient rehabilitation

Challenge: The effectiveness of patient rehabilitation programs that incorporate physical exercises largely hinges on the accurate performance of these exercises. To ensure this, real-time observation by a certified physiotherapist is essential. However, such supervision is often challenging to provide in large groups or settings outside the clinic.

Our approach: MotionMind AI serves as a personal instructor for patients and provides physiotherapists with an additional level of observation by analyzing movements, range of motion in specific body parts, and walking patterns and offering intelligent feedback. For a more comprehensive analysis, MotionMind AI can be used in tandem with wearable sensors and connected exercise equipment.

Elderly care

Challenge: The growing senior population, combined with ongoing challenges in healthcare systems such as rising costs, limited hospital capacity, and staff shortages, necessitates effective, technology-driven solutions for elderly care.

Our approach: MotionMind AI emerges as a viable solution to elderly care problems. When used alongside camera-based remote monitoring systems, it tracks elderly patients’ movements to detect falls, validate that they stay active, monitor the correctness of exercises, and spot signs of cognitive decline.

Medication adherence

Challenge: Adherence is responsible for up to 50% of treatment failures, contributing to thousands of deaths nationwide annually. Additionally, it compromises clinical trials by increasing variability and diminishing treatment efficacy.

Our approach: MotionMind AI, whether combined with sensor-based medical IoT solutions or used alone, has the potential to transform medication intake monitoring as we know it. Our computer vision algorithms can verify that a medication is administered and taken correctly, confirm a patient’s identity, and track medication intake times.

Why healthcare professionals should consider MotionMind AI

Created by professionals with 13+ years of experience in artificial intelligence and healthcare, MotionMind AI is a welcome alternative to costly off-the-shelf computer vision systems and open-source models that need to be trained from scratch.

Unmatched accuracy

MotionMind AI can analyze video data and reconstruct movements with unparalleled precision, which is critical for healthcare professionals

Instant feedback

Our computer vision solution notifies caregivers in real time in the event of an emergency or incorrect exercise completion and medication administration and logs all registered events

Flexible implementation

MotionMind AI guarantees precise pose and object recognition regardless of camera configuration or footage quality

Cost efficiency

With MotionMind AI, you do not have to worry about excessive model retraining or purchasing specialized hardware

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