Cutting-edge human pose estimation with MotionMind AI

Integrate MotionMind AI’s powerful human pose estimation capabilities into your application to detect and respond to a range of scenarios, from street violence and industrial safety non-compliance to medical diagnosis and fitness training improvement

Pushing the boundaries of human pose estimation

What sets our MotionMind AI system for human pose estimation apart?

Cost effectiveness

Effortlessly compatible with any camera model or make, MotionMind AI ensures economic viability by eliminating the need for costly hardware investments

Intelligent response

Providing AI-powered feedback or alerts, coupled with human oversight options, MotionMind AI offers a comprehensive response system

Accurate behavior analysis

Whether a glimpse, obscured, or partial view — every movement is reconstructed without errors or jitters in real time for a rapid response

Adaptable for every need

MotionMind AI comes equipped with intuitive admin tools, making it straightforward to use and customize for detecting new motion patterns

MotionMind AI applications by industry

By analyzing and interpreting live footage from cameras with sophisticated human pose estimation algorithms, MotionMind AI delivers nuanced behavior analysis in real time, offering unparalleled insights across industries.

Public Safety

Violence detection

Take public safety to the next level, whether in the streets, shopping malls, parks, or residential areas. MotionMind AI meticulously scans public spaces, detecting aggressive behavior or use of knives or firearms for immediate action

Public conduct analysis

From illegal smoking to other forms of disorderly behavior, our system swiftly detects and reports incidents, ensuring adherence to public conduct policies in healthcare facilities, transportation hubs, and other public venues

Emergency Response

Whether in stadiums, shopping malls, or airports, MotionMind AI locates individuals during emergencies like fires. By accurately determining the number of people in an affected area, our system effectively assists in emergency evacuations

Public Events

Monitoring crowd density to detect areas of overcrowding and identifying potentially dangerous behaviors with human pose estimation technology, MotionMind AI alerts event organizers or security personnel to potential safety threats

Industrial Safety

PPE compliance

Let MotionMind AI take the lead in monitoring PPE compliance in industrial settings. Checking everything, from the use of hard hats to visibility vests, it creates an environment where compliance is the norm

Secure zone surveillance

From identifying unauthorized entry in restricted zones to monitoring proximity around high-voltage areas, our system ensures constant vigilance. It alerts to any breach, safeguarding critical spaces against security threats

Operational excellence

MotionMind AI transforms equipment operation training and compliance. Analyzing and interpreting workers’ machine operation techniques based on instructional videos and monitoring operations, it reduces the risk of accidents

Emergency zone occupancy analysis

In critical situations like fires or hazardous leaks, MotionMind AI swiftly and accurately counts individuals in affected zones, significantly aiding in efficient emergency response and evacuation

Healthcare Innovation

Medication adherence monitoring

Elevate the standards of healthcare by ensuring precise medication adherence using MotionMind AI. Our technology tracks the consumption of medications, aiding in patient compliance

Gait analysis

MotionMind AI offers a sophisticated tool for institutions, facilitating early detection of various conditions and significantly improving elderly care. By analyzing nuances in gait, our technology leads to more effective care strategies

Physical therapy & rehabilitation

Guiding patients through exercises, our human pose estimation system ensures they are performed correctly and safely. MotionMind AI monitors patients’ progress over time, providing therapists with valuable data to adjust treatment plans

Remote patient monitoring

MotionMind AI allows healthcare providers to observe patients’ physical activities in their home environment. It is ideal for elderly care, chronic illness management, and post-surgery recovery

Fitness & Sports

Athletic performance optimization

Our system gives teams and trainers a significant advantage by transforming athletes’ movements into detailed insights. This leads to superior gameplay strategies and a deeper understanding of opponents’ tactics

Fitness training

Transform training experiences with MotionMind AI as a personal fitness coach. Our human pose estimation technology not only tracks progress but also adjusts intensity and plans ahead to maximize results

Injury prevention & rehabilitation

By catching signs of fatigue or incorrect form in athletes early, coaches can adjust training regimens to prevent injuries. For athletes in rehabilitation, MotionMind AI ensures they are exercising correctly, speeding the recovery process

Fitness engagement through gamification

MotionMind AI can be integrated into interactive fitness games, where users’ movements are translated into in-game actions. This gamification of exercise makes workouts more enjoyable, encouraging regular physical activity

How MotionMind AI reimagines human pose estimation

From capturing the minutest of movements in striking 3D to offering a comprehensive motion library built on extensive research, our system stands at the forefront of innovation.

Any camera, true 3D

Transform shots from a single or multiple camera into accurate 3D perspectives

Unmatched precision

Pinpoint human pose details with our 26-keypoint detection system

Consistent clarity

Even partial views yield a consistently stable and clear image, thanks to a sequence of neural networks

Extensive library

Built from hundreds of hours of video footage to recognize an array of motions and can be trained to detect more

Universal device compatibility

Smooth integration for real-time performance across platforms, be it mobile, desktop, or the web

Augmented capability

Effortlessly expandable with object detection or face recognition features, enhancing versatility and application scope

Cloud-adaptive deployment

Readily adaptable to any cloud or on-premises setup, ensuring versatile and flexible implementation

Interactive admin tools

Seamlessly review, comment, or harness AI-generated feedback and create new motion patterns

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